Warp speed wookie

Turns out wookies are happier when they cycle in pairs . 

Another epic day for Dave . An unbelievable number of people tracked Dave down to cheer him along including his youngest supporter aged 5 weeks.

Now all safe and well in Pitlochry and he is off to gate crash a dinner party who have an ice bath ready for him! 

Donations went over £20000 today which is unbelievable ! 

Massive pasta tea then bed. Another big day tomorrow!



Dave and Mike  
Dave and Mike  

5 thoughts on “Warp speed wookie

  1. Great riding a bit of today with you Dave. What a fantastic effort you’ve put in. Good luck keeping ahead of the weather and very best wishes for the remainder of your ride. Blair


  2. This is an awesome pic – great to have seen you in action today and even better to see this broad grin across your chops! Brilliant, just brilliant!!


  3. Fantastic Dave, we are enjoying tracking your progress from the comfort of our couch…looking forward to seeing you in windy Caithness, hopefully it is "up your chuff" C&G


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