The Kindness of Strangers

Day 5 and 150 miles from Pitlochry to Brora in the North East of Scotland.

Another day of of big climbs and epic support on route.

The amazing thing over the last few days has been the kindness of strangers. We arrived on Christmas Day late on at the Huntspill arms tired and hungry . The owners took us in even tho the kitchen was closed and fed us a massive dinner . To top it off they gave us a donation on the way out the door.

Countless times people have come up to us when the van is parked up and made a lovely donation. 

The van is now overload with with treats and home baking that people have dropped off. Which is lucky when Dave is needing 8000 calories a day.

The cycling community has been great too, cycling along with Dave for a bit and advising suitable routes especially in the flooded areas. Some guys even donated within an hour of leaving .

Our overnight stops have been fun , meeting new people who have looked after us so well especially the fab Susan Brown !

Thank you all! X



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