24 thoughts on “Lands End to John O Groats in 5 1/2 days

  1. Well done David. What you have achieved is astounding. We are all very proud of you. Well done to your fab wing man too he too deserves a medal. Ruth


  2. Karen and I have been following you all the way. Great achievement well done. Well done Richard for following Dave and keeping him safe!.


  3. You my good man are an absolute hero in my eyes. If i was wearing a hat i would tip it for you. I can’t think of another charity or better cause to witness such a momentous show of pure giving by such a selfless person. Once again David, bravo!


  4. Fantastic Dave, well done. What an outstanding achievement. You deserve to be very proud of yourself. There’s a lot of people who will benefit from your sweat and tears. Well done to you and your support. Best wishes and great to pedal with you on route. Blair


  5. Tick 🙂 great effort, job done! Sitting here raising a well earned gin to you and support crew. Pambo, Heather, Lucy, Gav, Stevie, Matt and the rug rats. who’d of thought you’d have got under 6 days with Stevie and Gav slowing you down for half a day. One day I’ll release the picture of you pushing Stevie up his one hill. Enjoy tonight!


  6. Well done Dave and Richard…. Great achievement completing the challenge never mind the phenomenal amount of money raised!! Hat of to you boys!!!


  7. "I doff my French cap" to you bud, that’s a mega achievement considering todays weather, don’t envy you dealing with that rain nevermind the crazy winds. Obvious your not involved in Engineering, HSE would have fried your arse in the risk assessment mwhahahaha…!!! Seriously bud, mega respect


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