DBIR Complete!

So, it’s done, and Richard and I are safely back in Glasgow! I’m going to send out a few messages/updates over the next few days with a long list of thank yous, but tonight I just wanted to sign off by thanking the man, without whom, this ride would have not been possible.

Richard, you are a legend, your planning and perseverance with preparations, your tireless efforts keeping the mothership and me stocked and fuelled whilst handling the social media and communications nerve centre, whilst coordinating dozens of friends and family en route, not to mention the occasional pat on the back or boot up the bum when I needed it were what kept the whole thing going, thank you!

I will miss our morning ritual of coffee and porridge, but I won’t miss your smelly feet.


3 thoughts on “DBIR Complete!

  1. Great words, Dave. Well done. I hope you are smiling because I am; you and Richard have done yourselves very proud indeed. Catch you soon I hope. Cheers.


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